David G. Hyatt
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The gourd banjo, in any of its forms, has an earthy, mellow sound. Below you'll find MP3 files (songs in digital format), and associated TAB (tablature) files for that song, if available.

To download the files, right-click the link and select 'Save Target As'.

To use the TEF file, which has midi and musical notation, you will need TablEdit or the TEF free viewer at http://www.tabledit.com/tefview/index.shtml

Begin Medley
Song Title Performer File Size Tablature

Apple Blossom Jeff Menzies 1.09 mb  

Back Step Cindy Tom Sauber 994 kb  

Bile Them Cabbage Down Cathy Barton 1.87 mb  

Buck Dance Buehling/Hyatt 1.3 mb view jpeg

Calabash Dance Clarke Buehling 799 kb  

Calico ** Marshal/Naiman 3.60 mb  

Cherokee Shuffle Adam Hurt 2.39 mb  

Chilly Winds Adam Hurt 1.44 mb  

Cotton Pod (played up to speed) Clarke Buehling 787 kb view html | TEF
Cotton Pod (played slow for learning) Clarke Buehling 1.04 mb same as above

Cumberland Gap Adam Hurt 1.17 mb view html | TEF

Cuttin' at the Point Jeff Menzies 1.18 mb  

Darlin' Nellie Gray Adam Hurt 2.70 mb  

Devil's Dream David Hyatt 2.32 mb view jpeg

Fall On My Knees Brad Leftwich 2.44 mb  

Fortune Adam Hurt 2.09 mb  

God Don't Like It, I Know ** Frank Lee (VIDEO) 21.7 mb  

Grasshopper Sitting on a Sweet Potato Vine Michael Neverisky 1.74 kb view html | TEF

John Brown's Dream Adam Hurt 2.62 mb  

Juba (2.5-String Didlake) Clarke Buehling 828 kb view html | TEF
Juba (dotted-note patterns) Buehling/Hyatt 1.87 mg view jpeg
Juba (with "patting juba") Buehling/Hyatt 1.87 mb view info

Last Chance Tom Sauber 1.65 mb view html | TEF

Little Maggie (fast version) Brad Leftwich 3.13 mb  
Little Maggie (slowed down version) Brad Leftwich 362 kb  

Liza Jane * Bob Thornburg 1.5 mb  

Medley in Em (recorded seperately)      
Road to Lisdoonvarna David Hyatt 1.64 mb  
Swallowtail Jig David Hyatt 1.66 mb  
Drowsy Maggie David Hyatt 1.75 mb  

Jubilee Dance Clarke Buehling 531 kb  

Martha Campbell Donald Zepp 1.12 mb  

Morceau Clarke Buehling 885 kb view jpeg
Morceau (lead and accompaniment) Buehling/Hyatt 1.65 mb  

New River Train Adam Hurt 3.83 mb  

Old 97 Brad Leftwich 1.35 mb  

Old Katoone David Hyatt 814 kb view html | TEF

Old Johnny Boker (2.5-string Didlake) Clarke Buehling 1.49 mb  

Old Virginny Jig ** Clarke Buehling 1.65 mb  

Pompey Ran Away Pete Ross 440 kb view html | TEF

Pretty Little Miss ** Mary Z. Cox 2.57 mb  

Rocky Mountain Goat Lucas Pool 1.03 mb  

Sally Ann Adam Hurt 1.74 mb  

Salt River Adam Hurt 2.06 mb  

Say Darlin' Say Adam Hurt 1.29 mb  

Snake River Reel Lucas Pool 984 kb  

St Anne's Reel Mary Z. Cox 2.12 mb  

Stillhouse (Cider) Adam Hurt 1.21 mb view jpeg

Soldier's Joy Donald Zepp 524 kb  
Soldier's Joy John Balch 1.43 mb  

The Little Carpenter Sarah Grey 3.89 mb  

Too Much Music ** John Balch 1.25 mb  

Walkin' in the Parlor
Sugar In My Coffee Medly
David Hyatt 1.28 mb  

Uncle Henry David Hyatt 884 kb  

Waterbound Michael Neverisky 1.58 mb view html | TEF

Wind That Shakes The Barley David Hyatt 1.04 mb view jpeg

Copyright Information

* Liza Jane by Bob Thornburg from the CD "Gourd Musical Instruments", meant to accompany the book Making Gourd Musical Instruments, by Ginger Summit and Jim Widess. Song provided by permission of Jim Widess and Bob Thornburg.

** Old Virginny Jig by Clarke Buehling from the CD "Gourd Musical Instruments", meant to accompany the book Making Gourd Musical Instruments, by Ginger Summit and Jim Widess. Song provided by permission of Jim Widess and Clarke Buehling.

** God Don't Like It, I Know, (and Others) by Frank Lee as recorded by Great Smokey Mountains TV in November 2005. Song provided by permission of Frank Lee and Great Smokey Mountains TV.

** Calico by Erynn Marshall and Arnie Neiman from the CD "Erynn Marshall, Calico" published by Merriweather Records Ltd. Song provided by permission of Erynn Marshall and Arnie Neiman.

** Pretty Little Miss by Mary Z. Cox from the CD "Banjo Dreamin' Suwannee Nights" published by Mary Z. Cox. Song provided by permission of Mary Z. Cox.

** Too Much Music by John Balch, published by Magic Bow Music (BMI) copyright 2002 John D. Balch. Song provided by permission of John Balch.