Photo Title : Hyatt - Star Tack Banjo - Front  |  close this window


This banjo was started at the Ozark Folk Center gourd banjo making workshop in the spring of 2004. The gourd turned out to be pretty think so I cut some big holes in it. I'm pretty sure that I prefer holes in gourd banjos this has a great sound. the neck is a lightweight maple whose figure did not really show up until I had worked the wood. this one is stained with about 20 coats of expresso and sealed with oil. The fingerboard and peghead overlay is a very nice pattern snakewood. The scale is 26 inches; I have a 11/16 bridge on it. The nut is bone and is scalloped. On this one I put some inlay inside on the dowel stick.

Listen to this banjo: dh_Uncle_Henry.mp3