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3 banjos

Here are pictures of three of Scott's banjos. This may be a picture of his first gourd banjo a "prototype merry wang" [#3.2]... He referred to his first banjo as having no sound holes, and being derived from the Surinam Stedman banjo. He gave this banjo (his first) to Clarke, with instructions that Clarke sell it for him. There was a six page user manual! Clarke later gave it back to him at Scott's request "for sentimental reasons". Scott then determined to make him another one. In the early 1990's, Clarke met Scott somewhere, perhaps even at Clarke's house, and Scott offered Clarke a banjo from a group that he had in the trunk of his car. Clarke chose a "2 and a half-stringer". Scott tried to give Clarke a "4 and a half-string", but Clarke was attracted to the more diminutive instrument, and also did not want to deprive Scott of a good sale. Note that Scott referred to the number of strings in this fashion - instead of "5-String".

The minstrel style banjo pictured may have been the first banjo that Scott made. The SS Stewart fretless is now owned by Clarke. In his letters, Scott goes on about the wonderful tone of the Stewart. Clarke told me a year or so ago that if he [Clarke] had to walk out with just one banjo, it would probably be the Stewart.