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This is a Bangie that Scott made for Clarke Buehling. Clarke never took possession of it though. Scott wrote Clarke many letters, and in each one enthusiastically describes his ideas about music, the origins of the banjo, building ideas, and the banjo that he is building for Clarke. In one of Scott's letters (May '86), he announces that it is finally finished, but that he is taking it to Alan Munde Banjo Championship in Texas. I think maybe since Scott felt he was indebted to Clarke for setting him on the banza quest, he may have wanted to build him another till he got it perfect. Clarke says that Scott sold this one to somebody, but then was going to build him another. This was his Scott's Surinam model.

Note the gourd plant in the foreground. Scott was extremely interested in the gourd part of it, and, from his letters, went through a couple of seasons growing his own gourds. He indicated that he went through hundreds of gourds searching for just the 'right' one. In one of the letters, he draws a framework device for holding the gourds above ground.